Saturday, January 30, 2010

True lies.

"people have the habit of inventing fictions they will believe wholeheartedly in order to ignore the truth that they cannot accept" -Libba Bray.

If you do not know who Libba Bray is, allow me to enlighten you.
she is an author.
but not just any author.
she is the author of, in my opinion, the best series known to mankind, even though they aren't very known.
she is a unique and just outlandish writer, but peculiar as she is she is really really just very talented and good, and she is my favorite.

My friend Ua told me to update this, so i suppose i shall.
must keep the readers happy yeah?
so this is for you

have i ever told you i think facebook is a disease?
just a really downright nasty rapid growing disease. i was going through some info on people's profiles, dont ask me why...its one twenty in the am. dont judge me. you do it too.
and i noticed that a lot of people had how they wanted to change the world and blah blah blah.
i can keep saying blah.
im not downing these people. not at all. i just dont like how, in my opinion, this has been turned into a cliche saying.
i feel like, some of these people just have that on there... to make THEMSELVES feel know what i mean? like... if they can make themselves believe that they actually care... then they can go to bed at night feeling like they did a good thing.
caring is a good thing.
but thats about as far as it goes.
just a thought.
i was just thinking how im pretty sure i have to relate everyone of these entries to maryville college, and what is really ironic, is even though i started this not thinking i was going to be able to... i so totally and righteously can.
which is rad.
everyone at maryville college who says they want change.
i believe.
and i know that most of least the ones i know... really do want to make a difference. and what a perfect college to attend, then one that is rooted in community service. i am so proud to be apart of a community that ...
doesn't seem so fake.
i just... i feel all the time like we are surrounded by people who go with the flow...
"Hey kids the new fashion "IN" thing right now is saving the world..."
what does that accomplish?
what does an idea accomplish if its not fully worked out?
just like this healthcare paper i just got done writing... we have plans set up... we have examples such as canada staring us in the face... but what good does that do us if we dont actually put in it into practice.
if we dont try? if we dont take that step?

i mean... you can do your own little thing to help "change" the world.
it doesn't have to be big... you dont have to fly to india...
which makes me think of something else....
why do people who get to travel all over the world get put on a higher pedal stool?
i volunteer at a place, where a lady dedicates a lot of her life to being there and helping better these children.... she does it for free... no she doesn't get to travel to Kazakhstan, but she is making just as big a difference in those children's lives, as Johnny CASH is in Japan. I am sorry that some of us dont...poop green wads... does that mean we can't be any more helpful? we can't make anymore of a difference? um.
lemme think.
no. no it doesn't.
the travelers that like to throw it into everyone's face...
im sorry, you are no better than my friend whitney who decided to be a vegetarian because it saves the environment.
dont get me wrong... i am not saying traveling is bad. i plan on doing it... one day, i just have to get around to planting that money tree in my backyard..
i love people who are able to travel...
its the people who throw it in your face like they are better than you...
they are not better than you.
YOU can make a difference.
go buy an organic cotton tshirt.
good job to you! you made a difference.
go recycle.
go randomly down the street and pick up all the garbage you see alongside the road.
go pull up some english ivy (just dont be like me...and get POISON ivy in the process haha).
anyone can make a difference.
and everyone should.

basically i guess all this bulls down to is this...
actions speak louder than words.

you feel me?
okay good.
you inspire me.


  1. This is amazing.

    Also, if I start saying I want to change the world when all I really want is to SAY that I want to change the world, please let me know. Because talk is insufficient.

    Good point--we can start making a difference now. Even in the little things. I'm knitting a chemo cap for a cancer patient I will never meet. It's a couple days of my time, a little yarn, no big deal. But it's a difference.

  2. aww honey, i was definitely NOT talking about you.
    you are making a difference.
    never stop.

  3. facebook is a disease because it give people an unrealistic sense of self-importance.. we shouldn't care so much about posting what we ate for dinner, or who we hang out with.. that's not what matters.

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