Tuesday, January 19, 2010

red for HAITI.

Suppose this blog is just going to be a bit different. since my entire day today was just exciting, well... my morning anyways, i figured id just give you a "this is what my morning was like" blog.
This morning I woke up, and the first thing I did was pray that God would take the horrible nightmare I had last night away.
no you just dont understand...it was the most scarriest dream...if it was made into a movie. it would beat... the exorcist! okay maybe not that bad. but it scared me. if you want to know you can let me know, and i'll post a blog on here specifically about my dream, but anyways...
so after i shook off the awful nightmare i remembered ITS RED FOR HAITI! so i shuffled through my clothes, and wouldn't you believe it... had NO RED SHIRTS... so i freaked. well, not really, but i was frustrated. so i went down and actually found one downstairs, so i was just excited and threw it on. it was definitely three sizes too big, but...i mean come on... its red for haiti.

Now arriving on campus I get out of my car and i suddenly notice...i feel like pooh. my nose is stuffy, my head is killing me, and my body feels like im 500 years old. (even though i dont know what that feels like in all actuality, but its what i would IMAGINE a 500 year old would feel like). then it hit me, ..we are supposed to be going out into the woods to kill of the infestation of the invasive species... well darn im not really wearing the right shoes or the right pants.
least my shirts okay.
because its read...for haiti.
so i walk to class and now ive noticed my eyes are hurting so bad i can not look up... or directly into the light. well.just.great.
i shall skip forward to when we are in the woods. i actually went CRAZY... just seeing those trees being molested by those vines drove me WILD... and sickness or no sickness there I went.
pulling up english ivy here... yelling at it under my breath there... i threw a couple of take that you tree suckers!
you may laugh... but i was seriously ticked.
and then the professor i was working with, forgive me i can't remember her name. my mind was a bit occupied, told me how during the summer people BUY THIS STUFF from gardening places.....
im sorry.
excuse me for just one second.
WHAT!!!!!!!!!!! okay, now before i start going off on how dumb these people who buy it are, or the people who sell it...
think about it...
they. dont. know.
I mean, what other college do you know that just has a class or a professor who looks at you and basically says, "hey... you see that tree? well those "pretty" vines on it are killing it and ripping the life right out of it, and the rest of the woods"
who does that?
maryville college.
can i get an amen? ... thank you. now then, it made me come to a realization...(yes i know, you might be annoyed...i have been through SO many realizations this year, and well...last year too haha) Maryville College is for me. yeah, im sure a lot of people feel this way. and thats good. but im talking i would fight for my grades just as much to stay in the college, then to learn more about my major.
yes i am passionate about journalism, and yes i want to be a righteous activist who not only makes a difference, but impacts to the soul.
but i am just as passionate about this school.
i get mad when people down canada... well if you ever downed my college.
just back up... okay?
i believe everyone here. professors. students. music professors. art professors. the football coach. the volleyball coach. EVERYONE HERE is making a difference, someway or somehow.
just open your eyes.
really, open them.

on another note... i got attacked by mother nature today.
i was on a buttered roll pulling up the english ivy roots, and i pulled one so hard... but the crazy thing is... IT PULLED BACK... no joke... it was like there was a monster in that hole that was playing tugofivy with me..
and i freaked... i stepped back and was like OHMYWORD
and then i hear,
"oh was that you"... i look at susan...
theres my ivy monster.
we just happened to be going for the same one... but i seriously thought that something was fighting me for that vine.
i told susan she could have it.

if theres one thing im really learning in jterm, its that no matter how big or how small... a difference is a difference.
it was required for us to go out in the woods today and help out our trees.
then sparked the want and desire from several students such as susan pogue, to continue to do that.
that is how you do it.
you go out there and be loud and proactive, and SOMEONE will hear you SOMEONE will care. SOMEONE will listen.

I mean look at how many americans have rushed to the aid of Haiti...
thank you everyone.
not from me...
but for them.
I was telling susan today. I have noticed that I get mad when someone judges all of us christians by one christian... but im not perfect. i judge all americans by one selfish arrogant pig.
i see one person who only cares about themselves and i think "this is what our people fought for? for jerks like this to take advantage while there are people out there suffering?" well... thats not fair. you should always give someone a chance.
not only was my hope restored... but i was taught a lesson.
i even heard my professor Dr.Bruce say, "I didn't think this much would get done..." talking about the woods.
you can't underestimate people.
you have to have faith... that there ARE people out there who care.
i mean look at THE WHOLE maryville college campus.
i believe everyone...or at least over half of the people here.
truly care.
we just have to spread that.
like i said before..
care is a verb..

now im going to do what matt told me to do and go to sleep. my eyes are watering and im freezing...
but maybe enough orange juice and positive thoughts of IM NOT REALLY SICK.
will make me better.


  1. I accidently stumbled across your blog and i love all your posts. They are so "real". Keep writing :)