Monday, March 29, 2010

Proud to be an American?

i wont lie. i can't sleep, and it frustrates me. thus, i come to you in frustration tonight.
because i have an eight am class, and for some odd reason beyond my knowledge, i can't sleep.
actually, the story of my life is irony. but... thats a whole different story in itself.
just basically the fact that i life a very ironic life.
have you ever looked in the mirror and said to yourself, "self. that was a little too ironic"
yeah, i do that 3248293748 times a day mkay?
tell me about it.

now, i am sure you are wondering why i put my title as the following.
i would tell you, but i might get shot...
so i will just let out what has been on my mind lately.
since the healthcare bill, and my healthcare class with Dr. Cowan.
Lets discuss Switzerland.
they used to be like the US once upon a time, and have people die all the time because they refused to cover them.
with that said, they were able to come together unite... under the belief of soliditary, which is the belief that everyone is equal.
and they started thinking to themselves, "Switzierina is wealthy and is able to get that knee procedure, so she will be fine in a couple of months, while Switzo on the other hand, doesn't have the money to afford the surgery so he will never walk again."
whats wrong with that?
well... because Switzeirina makes more money, she gets to live a happy walkathon life.
because Switzo doesn't make that much, he gets to be miserable.
thus, the switzeronies thought to themselves, "we have to fix this for it disturbs our belief of SOLIDITARY"
and then... BAM
it was fixed.

So our job, in the class, was to discuss with our group some questions, and one of the questions was, Does the US have something they can all lean back on to help motivate people to fix our healthcare system.
guess what we found out!??
we got nothing people.
ab.sol.lute.leee nothing. notta. zip. have a nice day. the end.

okay, not the end really, but i mean... come on???
are we THAT selfish of a nation that its all about memyselfmymoneyandI.
the correct answer is yes.
now, hear me out, you can argue all you want there are good people, and i will say yes i agree, i see them all the time.
but notice... nothing has been changed. so there might be good people, but obviously there isn't enough of these people.
The problem is we, as Americans truly believe that the person who makes more money IS better than the lower class or middle class. now as harsh as that sounds, these wealthy people feel they have a reason to define themselves as better.
they got the education!!! they spent all that time in school!!! they worked so very very hard to get where they are!! of COURSE they should be awarded!!!
what about the boy who tried so hard to get into school, but couldn't quite make it past average? and his parents couldn't afford for him to go, and he couldn't raise enough money himself, and knew that if he did take out loans... hed be in debt the rest of his life.
what about him?
lets say he goes right into the working business and works his butt off, literally works these long hour shifts everyday.
and still just can't get above that poverty line.
you think your so better than him?
id say he works a lot harder than you.
people throw school in everyone's face, but reality is that the world is a lot tougher than school.
its like in Lit today we were explicating the play The Dollhouse, and one of the parts was how she would refer to the outside as being "cold" and although she meant weather wise, there was a metaphor there also... the world outside her house was cold.
and its true. this world is so cold and very brutal, and with self absorbed people, it can make things a lot harder than they already are.
so no,
i dont care if you have been in school for fifty years.
you are no better than the hobo who, after the war, had no where to go.
You may not be religious, but we can all agree Jesus was quiet the teacher.
and he never put anyone above anyone else.
everyone was equal in his eyes.
Jesus was definitely a liberal, i dont care what you say.
he said we are to take care of the poor.
to take care of our people.
and yet its the conservatives who end up winning this battle all the time.
and they use scare tactics such as socialism.
oh good grief for crying out loud.
im not saying the health bill is the best in the world.
but its a start.
its about time America starts realizing what is going on, and that we start doing something about it.
maybe we ought to find something we can all agree on.
i just find it a little ironic that everyone takes care of their people, yeah, maybe some systems are jank, but at least they try, and at least they are willing.
what do we have?
a bunch of people scared for themselves instead of looking at what is going on.
theres my frustration.
maybe i can get some sleep now.

oh by the way,
the choir concer Thursday, rocked.
i had a blast.
i love choir.

OH! and i had another photography job Saturday,
lady wanted me to take pictures of her daughter playing softball.
it was a lot harder than my previous jobs.
but i rather enjoyed it a ton.

These are Demi.

These are Christina.

These are my sister.
these weren't taken with the good camera though...
i need to get on that...


  1. So what you are saying is, in the spirit of solidarity, we should all be equal. So we should all have the same clothes, houses, cars, jobs, healthcare, schools and lifestyles. Oh yeah, that means no MC. That means a federally funded state school with plain ol' degrees. That means healthcare where doctors only care as much as they get paid, which ain't much. That means no freedom of expression (aka no BLOGS). That is Communism. And I don't like it. The end.

  2. I see what Will is saying here, but I don't agree with it. Will, you're saying that the ideas of "solidarity" and "equality" are nothing more than cheap parlor tricks to institute some kind of communistic regime in the United States, but this simply isn't the case.

    No one wants the population to all wear the same clothes, drive the same cars, or live in the same houses. What you are describing is just another one of the scare tactic images that the conservatives have been implanting quietly in the public mind since the idea of health care reform started way back when, since the days when Wilson, Truman, Johnson, Nixon, and Clinton all tried to provide health care for everyone. This is called the "slippery slope" fallacy, which says that just because 'A' happens, then it must be assumed that 'B', 'C', and 'D' are going to follow. If we provide health care for everyone in the nation, then that does not automatically mean that we are going to require everyone to wear the same clothes, drive the same cars, live in the same houses, work the same jobs, earn the same salaries, and pledge their allegiance to a communist America.

    It just means one thing: less people will die.
    Less people will die from diseases that could easily prevented with a simple pill prescription or
    medical treatment.
    Less people will die from not being able to afford their cancer chemotherapy.
    Less people will die due to having to pay for an expensive medical bill and end up on the streets because of their bankruptcy.
    Less people will die from pure selfishness.

    Less people will die.